• 2SickYoYos

    Joey Serrano is the man behind 2SickYoYos. A new company of Yo-Yos made in USA of an extraordinary quality. High performance professional Yo-Yos designed for very advanced players with great mastery and understanding. 2SickYoYos has shown in its short but successful trajectory that a simple and clear design is more effective than any other. 2SickYoYos is one of those brands that in the future everyone will want and you can enjoy now. Do not hesitate, and remember that always the new makes the difference.

  • 3YO3

    3YO3 is a custom Yo-Yo manufacturer that draw attention in every way. Built with never seen before materials, their Yo-Yos are real jewelry.

  • 82 Yo-Yo String

    82 Yo-Yo String are high performance Yo-Yo strings, made of Kevlar, Polyester and Nylon.

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  • Adegleyoyos!

    Possibly the toughest Yo-Yos in the world.
    The ultimate manifestation of a Yo-Yo. Every nuance of the design, from the axis to the string, will fascinate the player at each millimeter.

  • Angel Hair

    Angel Hair are next generation Yo-Yo string made in 3 different materials: 100% polyester, 50% polyester/50 nylon and 100% nylon.

  • Aroundsquare

    If you search up, ‘Begleri’ on Google, guess who is at the top? Yep, Aroundsquare. They are not only on top on google searches but are also on top in the World Begleri scene. These guys have been manufacturing the best Begleris on the market for years and I know millions of players will say the same thing as me. Aroundsquare’s quality is unbeatable. Currently, they have many types of Begleri for any player but one thing is for sure, if you are looking for a top-notch Begleri, look to Aroundsquare.

  • Basecamp

    Do you imagine a world full of possibilities? Now think about it well, for here we have the beauty of CLYW and accuracy of YoYoFactory. The result? What you have in front of your eyes. Basecamp is a real project that speaks a new language never before seen in the world of the Professional Yo-Yos. Two of the best and most popular manufacturers united under a same passion: Yo-Yos of high quality designed for a competitive game. Basecamp is an ambitious project based on the idea of not stopping to improve, but you know, if you want to know more you may need to review the history of its creators and you will see, before you die, you will want to test a Basecamp Yo-Yo. They all share the same DNA: CLYW and YoYoFactory.

  • Big Brother Yo-Yos

    If you enjoy Yo-Yos with a singular nature, you must try Big Brother Yo-Yos. They are probably the most outlandish models on the market.

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  • Blood Brothers

    Hailing from France and designed by the national French Champion Hadrien Bennaceur, Blood Brothers Yo-Yos mean a true icon of the European Yo-Yo scene.

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  • C3yoyodesign

    The range of High Performance professional YoYos from C3yoyodesign is really exciting and for all game styles. Players from all over the world have found in C3yoyodesign the answer to all their throwing needs, will you be the next one? Yo-Yos made with a single premise: Be the best. If you are looking for a Yo-Yo with a unique, comfortable and stable feel, then what your hands are asking for is a C3yoyodesign. High-performance Japanese Yo-Yos available to players made for players.

  • CLYW

    We all know CLYW. This acronym means much more than a name. Yo-Yos with history, with a clear objective: to fall in love. CLYW can boast a wide range of high performance Yo-Yos designed for a competition and also for daily use. Each and every one of their Yo-Yos is a small work of art and it gives you a little smile every time you use one. It is important that you remember this: you will not want to test any other Yo-Yos after having tried out a Yo-Yo by CLYW.

  • Crucial

    Do not you know what Crucial is? Let me tell you one thing: Nothing convinces more than a Crucial Yo-Yo. Unique Yo-Yos and very limited series under the look and knowledge of Paul Yath, who after 8 years competing now puts at your disposal the result of a brilliant career as a professional player. The Crucial Yo-Yos jumped to fame for its extraordinary quality along with creativity and originality. Every millimeter of a Crucial Yo-Yo excites excitement, but in short, if you're looking for a unique Yo-Yo to enjoy and boast when you need it, Crucial is likely to be your priority.

  • Dif-e-Yo

    It is so important to have the best parts to take full advantage of your Yo-Yo. Dif-e-Yo was one of the first manufacturers of Concave Bearings for all the Yo-Yos we know today. These Yo-Yo Bearings help keep the string in the middle and give you the longest spin times. Dif-e-Yo has specialized in High Performance Bearings since then. It is no surprise the best Yo-Yos come with a Dif-e-Yo bearing. Its simple, its either the best or nothing!

  • Duncan

    Possibly the best professional Yo-Yos for beginners in the World. Yo-Yos manufactured to withstand the toughest test, made for daily use. Duncan Yo-Yos will surprise you more than you expect. Learning to play Yo-Yo is easier if you know how to choose. If you are looking for your first professional Yo-Yo, you may be interested in what you see below, Duncan offers you the best in the market, designed to make playing Yo-Yo within everyone's reach.

  • Freshthings

    Hiroyuki Suzuki is back in the spotlight and this time he’s not alone. Not only is he the 4 time World Yo-Yo Champion and creator of sOMEThING, an internationally recognized iconic brand, but he is also presenting his newest project, Freshthings. I could not be more excited. Fresthings takes all of Hiroyuki Suzuki’s crazy ideas he was never able to materialize and makes them a reality. If you are a fan and follower of all his incredible Yo-Yos, I am sure Freshthings will not dissapoint you. I hope you fall in love with it just like I did.

  • G-Squared

    Possibly right now you are before the most extraordinary Yo-Yos made in the last years and you were not conscious. G-Squared has quickly become a manufacturer of high performance Yo-Yos heavily demanded by the general public. High performance and personality at the same time go hand-in-hand with each G-Squared Yo-Yo, which will make you enjoy each pitch knowing that you are playing with an unparalleled Yo-Yo. The G-Squared Yo-Yos are not only beautiful, but have a clever design. The care and delicate treatment they receive throughout the manufacturing process is transmitted at all times to the player wrapping in a unique sensation.

  • G-String

    Character has multiple shapes, here you have six of them. Produced with materials that perfectly fit your play style, G­-String made what nobody has made before, letting the tricks flow by themselves.

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  • General-Yo

    General-Yo can be summarized in: "Yo-Yos Made in USA ultra limited that can not be missing in any collection". I think that would be the perfect definition of the spirit of this mythical manufacturer. General-Yo has already gone down in history as one of the most legendary brands ever seen in this world. The care of the General-Yo designs or the peculiar weight distributions make the difference with respect to any other. General-Yo is one of those brands that transmit 'power' to the player who enjoys each of his Yo-Yos that combine YoYos's ability to compete with the purist lines of the more classic Yo-Yos.

  • God Tricks

    Nothing is more rewarding than the feeling of having done everything right. God Tricks Yo-Yos will convince you with their innovative designs, perfect for intermediate players looking for their first aluminium Yo-Yo.

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  • Graou String

    First impression: elegant and high quality. Probably the most expensive Yo-Yo string in the world, Graou String mark a milestone en their category.


    I Love YoYo demonstrates the strength and enthusiasm of a brand obsessed with perfection and exclusivity. Yo-Yos made in Germany with the best technology available to all who over the years have become Yo-Yos highly demanded by collectors from all over the world. I Love YoYo presents a catalog of unheard-of Yo-Yos that you want to own. I Love YoYo jumped to fame in the world of collecting and high-performance play for his innovative techniques of manufacture and painting, with very exclusive anodized finishes of a unique touch. Even in our long experience, we have not seen another manufacturer at the height of I Love YoYo Yo-Yos. Every choice you make will be a welcome success.

  • iYoYo

    iYoYo is a new manufacturer that has entered strongly in the Yo-Yo scene of the highest level. iYoYo demonstrates in each of its models the great experience as player of its creator and founder Dave Geigle, champion up to five times of the EYYC. iYoYo demonstrates the strength of its brand in its official equipment with the presence of some players more rewarded in the European scene like Carlos Braun or Quentin Godet. We will continue to observe the good trajectory of a young brand that continues to play its cards in the strong and competitive market of the most advanced professional Yo-Yos of the market.

  • Kitty String

    Kitty String names the best Yo-Yo strings on the market for all types of players: beginners, intermediate or advanced. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities between Yo-Yo strings of the best quality of Polyester, Nylon or combined, and among endless colors. Choosing a good Yo-Yo string is essential to enjoy the game at all times, which is why Kitty is the best choice among players. You just have to take responsibility, and after trying a Kitty String on your Yo-Yo you will not want to try any other.

  • Krom

    Are you wondering who Krom is? If that is the case, you are definitely not up to date. Krom is one of the most popular Kendama manufacturers in the world at the moment. A marketing scheme? Heck no, the Kendamas that are being popped out of the factory are using the best technology possible and are being built with the best wood on the market.

  • Luftverk

    We all know what Luftverk means: perfection, beauty, efficiency, excellence, purity... In short, engineering at the highest level. Jeffrey Pang is who is behind this great project, his perseverance and knowledge have made Luftverk one of the most demanded and at the same time one of the most unique brands in the world of Yo-Yo brands. Specialized in manufacturing Yo-Yos in Titanium, each Luftverk becomes a work of art worthy of framing.

  • Madhouse Yo-Yos

    How crazy are you to have one of the most extravagant Yo-Yos on this planet? Madhouse is one of the brands that we all remember with nostalgy. These professional, virtuoso YoYo’s made in USA, changed the game radically and were different to anything we had never seen. The main Yo-Yo that caused this sensational hit was the 5150 in 2008. It can be found down below. You’ll see, an exceptional Yo-Yo that we all dream about playing with some day.

  • Magicyoyo

    Magicyoyo represents the desire of any player to have the best Yo-Yos made with the characteristics and components of the Yo-Yos for competition at the most affordable possible price. Magicyoyo sets new benchmarks in its category. Its latest Bi-Metal Yo-Yos made of aluminum 7075 are an authentic genius within everyone's reach. Have in level and style you have, Magicyoyo will give you a slight smile when you throw any of your Yo-Yos for the first time, Do we test?

  • MK1 YoYos

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  • MonkeyFingeR Design

    What word is appropriate when you want to express that something is highly exclusive as well as addictive? MonkeyFingeR was born a few years ago to cover the most exquisite Yo-Yo players on the planet. Yo-Yos with unique character that share the same DNA of the mark in every detail. The MonkeyFingeR Yo-Yos are very limited pieces and very quoted among the players. With runs that sometimes do not exceed one Yo-Yo a year, MonkeyFingeR has become a permanent "I want it!". I am sure that once you have one you will be thinking about your next Yo-Yo of this brand.

  • Motorsil D

    Motorsil D is the best self­leveling Silicone that you will experience in your life.

    It will make your response system better and you will feel an awesome touch with every Bind.

  • Mowl

    You might not know Mowl, which would surprise me, but I’m sure you do know Fist Salud, right? As you know, it is that ‘movement’ that started in 2012 which has brought together some of the best players in the World and has consequently made us all participants in this online Yo-Yo culture. If you thought that was it, then you are wrong. The boys at Fist Salud needed something more, they wanted to create something special and different. This is how and why Mowl was born. This is a new design idea in the manufacturing of high performance Yo-Yos. We have loved the quality of their Yo-Yos so far, and hope to see more new things from Mowl. Do you feel the same way?

  • One Drop Yo-Yos

    If you do not know One Drop Yo-Yos is because you do not want to. These guys have been manufacturing the best high performance Yo-Yos on the market almost since 2001, many years, right? Years of glory and passion for being the best. Yo-Yos are manufactured in the USA in their own factory in Oregon, supervised one by one at all times by true professionals and tested by true geniuses of Yo-Yo to always offer you the best alternatives in the market. If you have not played a Yo-Yo One Drop yet, you will lose a valuable opportunity to make yourself happy. Any choice will be a good choice.

  • Oxygène

    Undoubtedly, there is a common denominator in all Italian Yo-Yos for elegance and good taste.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that those who have played with them are not able to settle for less.

  • QiYi

    Do you love Rubik’s cubes? Ok that was all I had to know, click here now! The famous QiYi cubes have just landed at LaTienda, the biggest Yo-Yo store in Europe, and we are giving them a big, warm welcome. The QiYi cubes are famous for the quality of play they offer. Designed to play fast, even for competition play, the plastic quality is superior. The faces of the cubes are made out of a material that does not skid. This way, it will not leave your hands at a critical moment. Choose yours and get ready to ‘cube’.

  • Radical Seas YoYo

    Radical Seas is a new Yo-Yo manufacturer that has committed to beating the greats. The brilliant minds behind this brand are not only good engineers who know how to design good Yo-Yos, they are also professional YoYo players. This is probably the reason their Yo-Yos feel so incredible in play.

  • Rebellion

    If you still do not know Rebellion you do not need to go into details, I'll tell you in a few words: Rebellion is the sub-brand of the great Yoyorecreation. Yes, friend, all the technology and high performance of Yoyorecreation in a new Yo-Yos with a new name, Are you able to imagine something better? Because I do not ... If you are a player that looks at the wallet before buying but in return you want the best performance, Rebellion is born to meet your needs. In addition, you will find in your range of YoYos products for practically all styles of game.

  • Recess Intl.

    You have probably heard about the extraordinary American player Tyler Severance more than once. He made his debut with the YoYoFactory team and now has his own brand, Recess Intl. Tyler, an expert 1A and 5A with many years of experience knows exactly what a Yo-Yo needs to be the best. Recess Intl. was born to manufacture Yo-Yos that Tyler had always dreamed of. These Yo-Yos are adapted for all styles of play and are good for all levels be it beginner, intermediate or advanced players.

  • RiceRocketMods

    If you are someone who does not conform to a standard conventional Yo-Yo as it comes, you can always tune it to your liking to have a personalized and unique Yo-Yo.

    If you have a YoYoFactory with Hubstacks, RiceRocketMods gives you that touch of personalization that your Yo-Yo needs.

  • Roll Out

    If there is a reason why Italy is known around the world, it is for the beauty its artists have spread wherever they have gone. So what would else we expect from Yo-Yos designed and manufactured in Italy? Roll Out is a small yet ferocious project that manufactures some of the most extravagant Yo-Yos we have seen in the past years. Their game changing and original style has conquered the wishes of the most sophisticated players. This is without doubt one of the most exclusive manufacturers of Yo-Yos that has ever existed.

  • Sengoku

    I know, you are that type of player who is not satisfied with the norm and always looks for better quality and precision in your Yo-Yos. Is that not the case? Yes, and that is why you are here. Sengoku offers, quality, precision, and performance in every single one of their Yo-Yos in ways we haven’t seen in any other manufacturer. Sengoku hit the Yo-Yo scene recently but has rapidly made itself the number one brand for thousands of players worldwide. From Japan, Sengoku designs and manufactures their High Precision Yo-Yos for only the best players who want to feel a unique and different tact, a Yo-Yo different to anything they have ever tried.


    Yo-Yos who aspire to achieve the highest excellence, in case they have not already done so ... sOMEThING is the Hiroyuki Suzuki's masterpiece, do you want me to tell you who he is? Hiroyuki Suzuki is an extraordinary Japanese player who has been up to 4 times Yo-Yo World Champion as well as multiple tournaments winners worldwide, he certainly has a brilliant career worthy of admiration in this world. Therefore, sOMEThING is the result of his experience as a player and champion, Yo-Yos with winner souls designed and manufactured for competition, made of plastic, aluminum and Bi-Metals of the best quality.

  • SoSerious

    SoSerious is a new brand of Yo-Yos with Alfredo Mascali at the helm. Alfredo, recognized player and person within the 'scene' has joined with a couple of colleagues to found 'SoSerious' and has started making the most extravagant Yo-Yos with people who had spent years dreaming about making Yo-Yos that no other brand has dared to make before, so it’s all you can expect from a Yo-Yo. SoSerious is perfection, performance, excellence and passion. SoSerious is made by very demanding people. I hope that gradually we will be surprised with new models.

  • Spin Dynamics

    Spin Dynamics is the result of of American Yo-Yo player Nick Gumlaw’s experience in play. What can you expect in return? High performance, professional Yo-Yos, made ​​with wisdom and passion for other players.

  • SPYY

    If you started playing with Yo-Yos before 2010 you probably remember SPYY or (Saturn Precision Yo-Yos) being the best Yo-Yo manufacturer in the world with good reason. SPYY has earned a spot in the history of Yo-Yos because of the true works of art they produce year after year. Each and everyone shares the same DNA just like a big family would. Even today these Yo-Yos are highly demanded among collectors and players who want to experiment with a different playing feel. All SPYY Yo-Yos were made in Canada until 2013 when they closed their doors forever making these Yo-Yos even more precious than they already were.

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  • Tom Kuhn

    Warning!! Highly addictive content only for true collectors or players who want people to know they have the jewel in the crown. If you are still, reading you are one of those two. Tom Kuhn manufactures the most exclusive Yo-Yos on the planet. I mean he makes classic Yo-Yo’s in the “Old school” style. Great combination, right?  Tom Kuhn’s professional Yo-Yos are wooden and hand made one by one with so much quality. Tom Kuhn manufactures the type of Yo-Yo nobody dares to manufacture, that is why they are so special and collectors around the world know this to be very true. What’s cool changes, Tom Khun does not.

  • Top Yo

    Yep, you are reading this little introduction text because you have no idea who Top Yo is, right? Well my friend, you’ve got to stay up to date because Top Yo is killing it with Yo-Yos that everyone is talking about lately. These guys are using the latest technology to manufacture high end Yo-Yos at a reasonable price. Don’t lose sight of where they are going, because more new models just keep coming out...

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