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Titanium Yo-Yos | The most exclusive Yo-Yos on the market are here - La Tienda Del YoYo

Titanium Yo-Yos 

Titanium Yo-Yos

New products

This category of the website is perhaps the most special one because it has all of the most exclusive Yo-Yos all in one place. In case you didn’t know, I will tell you, Titanium Yo-Yos are the most exclusive ones. They are also the most limited and priciest, mostly priciest, you can find.

Titanium is a very special material and when applied to “YoYoing” it is absolutely amazing as you will see below. I think we should change the word “YoYo" to “Jewel” in this case. Don’t you think?

  • 275,00 €
    Sold out!

    The Shutter family is growing, and the latest member to arrive is the Titanium version of the already well known worldwide YoYoFactory Shutter. You'll want one.

    275,00 €
  • 329,00 €
    Sold out!

    Up until now you thought you knew exactly what the best Yo-Yo in the world was, but Luftverk had a secret weapon all along that you had no idea about my friend. The Luftverk Fulvia is the...

    329,00 €
  • 250,00 €

    iYoYo and ILYY collaboration. The result? A single Titanium Yo-Yo without competition. The iYoYo Tiger.

    250,00 €
    In Stock
  • 240,00 €

    If you thought that the “HyperYoYo” category was completely filled up, blink your eyes and open them wide because we have the newest member of this elite World Yo-Yo class.

    240,00 €
    In Stock
  • 170,00 €

    This is not new for Vosun. Manufacturing Titanium has always been a challenge, but Vosun has just shown that they have a knack for it, and now they clarify it.

    170,00 €
    In Stock
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