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Begleri | Buy your new and favorite Begleri and start playing now! - La Tienda Del YoYo



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Begleri is the newest trend that has hit LaTiendaDelYoYo and we are absolutely hooked. Do you feel the same way? Just in case you want to know what this is before all the rest, let me explain. Begleri is a a skill game which consists of a string and two or more pearls attached. The pearls are located on the ends of the string acting as counterweights and the string must be both fat enough and smooth enough to slide around your fingers and hand effortlessly.

Begleri is the new thing and there are limitless possibilities. It is a very creative game and it is dependent on the skill of the player. Try out different playing options by moving the counterweights of the Begleri and find the style that is most suited for your kind of game.

  • 7,90 €

    Do you want to change up what your KOKOnutz look like? Combine the colors of your Begleri with these original Bumperz from MonkeyfingeR.

    7,90 €
    In Stock
  • 56,90 €

    Besides Yo-Yo… What other hobbies do you have? Because I’ve finished discovering a hidden talent… And I love it! Discover the Ape Grapes from MonkeyFingeR.

    56,90 €
    In Stock
  • 56,90 €

    56,90 €
    In Stock
  • 6,90 €
    Sold out!

    Did you think you could not flare up your KOKOnutz to your liking? You are wrong, check out these MonkeyBARs and you will see.

    6,90 €
  • 2,40 €

    2,40 €
    In Stock
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