Delrin Yo-Yos 

Delrin Yo-Yos

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I am sure you have been exposed to Delrin many times but you just didn’t know what that soft and attractive plastic was, until now...

Delrin is a type of plastic that shares features with many metals and that is why it is used to manufacture certain everyday products. I’m sure you understand why Yo-Yo manufacturers have decided to explore different materials as the metal Yo-Yo market is exploded. This way you can experience a different feeling while playing with your YoYo.

Delrin is a very durable plastic but the best part is how light it is. When we apply this to “YoYoing” the results are unbeatable and give us a very different feel to what we are used to. This is why Delrin Yo-Yos feel so light and fast during play which make them perfect for an advanced competition play. However, if you accidentally ding your YoYo against the floor don’t worry too much as this material can take hits and will not be damaged.

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