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  • YoYoRecreation Anomaly
    YoYoRecreation Anomaly

    An innovative Bi-metal yoyo "Anomaly" is born

    135,00 €
  • UИPRLD Cognition
    UИPRLD Cognition

    The name “Cognition” is defined as “the mental action or process of...

    99,00 €
  • YoYoRecreation Valkyrie
    YoYoRecreation Valkyrie

    YoYoRecreation presents the Valkyrie, a Yo-Yo produced in pursuit of the...

    230,00 €
  • One Drop Dang 2
    One Drop Dang 2

    Hmmmm fresh out of the oven… The newest throw from One Drop is called...

    69,00 €
  • Luftverk Silvia XP50
    Luftverk Silvia XP50

    Luftverk has just unleashed a little guy with the best genes in the fam....

    289,00 €

List of products by manufacturer Top Yo

Yep, you are reading this little introduction text because you have no idea who Top Yo is, right? Well my friend, you’ve got to stay up to date because Top Yo is killing it with Yo-Yos that everyone is talking about lately. These guys are using the latest technology to manufacture high end Yo-Yos at a reasonable price. Don’t lose sight of where they are going, because more new models just keep coming out...

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