How to place an order.

At LaTiendaDelYoYo, we work hard to make your searching experience enjoyable, easy, and entertaining.

Look through our store and find all the products you want. You can blow them up too to look at the mm more closely. On top of that, each product page will contain each product’s price, characteristics, description, and use.

Step 1: Information about the products and how to add them to your cart:

On the top horizontal menu, you will find “Yo-Yos” which covers all of our products in different categories. Once you have selected a category, you will be able to compare products within their categories.

If you want a description, the available colors, or even its availability, simply click on the photo. You can also add the product to your cart after doing this.

Once you are on the product page, you can read all about the specifics, its availability, and the colorways in stock.

You will also be able to look at all of the products photos and blow these up.

On the product page, below the price, you will find the loyalty points that you will receive with the purchase. This is thanks to our point program that will allow you to have discounts on future purchases.

Once you have chosen the color and quantity you want to buy, click on “Add to Cart”. This will appear in yellow when the product is available. If the button is non-existent, the profit is not in stock so you will have to choose another one that is.

You will be able to see everything that is in your cart if you click on the top right where it says cart. You will also be able to modify it accordingly.

Step 2: Finalizing the purchase and registering as a client:

Once you have added all the products you want in the cart and you are ready to purchase them, click the yellow button that says “Confirm”.

If you are already registered as a client, you will be taken directly to the checkout page where you will pick your payment method and shipment details.

If you have not made an account, at LaTiendaDelYoYo you can make a purchase as a “Guest Checkout”. In other words, you will not have to already have an account. All you have to do is enter shipment and payment details and finish the purchase in one simple step.

If you do want to make an account, click on “Start Session” and next on “Create an account”. From here, fill out all the details accurately so we can send you your purchase in perfect condition.

The password you will have to enter and register will be necessary to get into your account for future purchases or to see where your orders stand. You must know that you can change your password whenever you want as well as your address and payment information.

Once you have clicked the “Create an account”, we will send you an eMail confirming your details.

Step 3: Choosing a payment method:

Before validating your order you just choose a transporter according to your needs. For domestic orders (Spain), you can choose between Correos Certificado or Mensajería Express Nacex. For either option, approximate delivery time and costs will be shown according to the weight of your order.

For international orders you can choose between Priority Mail or FedEx.

Step 4: Choosing a payment method:
On the checkout page you will also be able to choose a preferred payment method.
You can make your payment via the following options:
  1. Paying with a card (Secure connection with La Caixa): Remember you will need to know your passcode for your bank to be able to buy online through the ‘Verified by Visa’ system.
  2. Paying with PayPal.
  3. Paying via a bank transfer. The messages will be sent after we have made sure the money is deposited in our account.
  4. Paying with a COD order (Only for Spain): This means that the payment will have to be done instantaneously and will work for Correos or Nacex. This COD option has an increased fee of 3 Euros due to the cost of the service.
At this time, you can pick the most convenient payment method by clicking on the button on top of the image. Next and before confirming your payment, the cost will appear for your purchase, with shipping included. At this point you can also modify your purchase if you choose to do so. If everything looks good, you can click “Finalize Order” to finish the purchase.
We will automatically send you an eMail to confirm your purchase and later will let you know when we have sent your package.
As usual, if you have doubts when browsing the web or about certain products or terms, write us at