Deliveries and Returns.

In this section we will look at the information regarding deliveries made from our store.


All our packages are dispatched from our office in Majadahonda, Madrid, Calle Urca, nº14, everyday via the transport service that had been selected by our client. From here, the packages are sent worldwide and have a tax already included as specified below.

2.- Preparation:

At LaTiendaDelYoYo we have two shifts for the preparation of our packages. We have one in the morning and one in the afternoon so our packages are sent as soon as the client orders them. The morning shift is at 2:30 pm and the afternoon one is at 7:30 pm. These are sent via Correos or Nacex and if the client has picked FedEx the order will be sent at 6 pm.

At LaTiendaDelYoYo we try all of our products before sending them to guarantee product quality. We also do not take reservations before putting out any product on sale.

3.- Shipping fees:

At our store you can choose from 3 options depending on your location. Our main transporters are Correos and Nacex for orders in Spain and Correos and FedEx for international orders.

Our shipping fees are the same as the transporters and are listed below:

3.1. Correos Spain. Certified deliveries and shipments between 3 and 7 working days:

o   From 0 to 500 gr. – 4.85€

o   From 501 to 1000 gr. – 7.50€

o   From 1001 to 1500 gr. – 7.90€

o   From 1501 to 2000 gr. – 11.20€

o   Refunded products will be 3€ extra.

3.2. NACEX Express España. Deliveries will take 24-48 hours for working days:

o  Up to 2 Kg and deliveries inside the Iberian peninsula– 7.90 €

o   Up to 2 Kg and for the Baleares Islands – 12.90€

o   Refunded products will be 3€ extra.

3.3. Priority Mail Europe. Certified deliveries and shipments between 5 and 14 working days:

o   From 0 to 500 gr. – 9.30€

o   From 501 to 1000 gr. – 15.60 €

o   From 1001 to 2000 gr. – 23.20€

3.4. Priority Mail international. Certified deliveries and shipments from America, Africa, and Asia between 5 and 21 working days:

o   From 0 to 500 gr. – 12.65€

o   From 501 to 1000 gr. – 23.95 €

o   From 1001 to 2000 gr. – 39.95€

4.- Shipment weight:

When we are talking about weight, it is always an estimate. The fees for our transporters are based on the weight of the packages, but the truth is Yo-Yos are not too heavy and our packages rarely surpass 300 gr.

Our software calculates the weight of your purchase automatically, so you will not have to be doing it manually as you are buying. Both in the Cart and Checkout page you will find the price of shipping.

5.-Shipment conditions.

The shipping costs also include handling and packaging. These are fixed prices, whereas the transporters vary prices depending on the weight and company. We recommend picking all your purchases for one order to save money. Also it is important to note Correos packages do not have any insurance whereas the Nacex ones do.

We will make sure the products are sent well-wrapped regardless of the price so they are in perfect condition.

6. Problems with shipping:
At LaTiendaDelYoYo we double check the articles purchased before packaging them. We have not had any experiences where the client has received a package in a bad state. We do please ask to sign the form the transporter brings to confirm the delivery of the package. If not, it would be very hard to file a complaint if the package were in a bad state. If this protocol is not followed, LaTiendaDelYoYo will not be responsible for the cargo.
If the package is kept or lost, LaTiendaDelYoYo will make a new shipment with the transporter and a request will be filed so the client knows.
In the case of an unjustified delay for the delivery of the package, the client will have to let LaTiendaDelYoYo know so we can file a complaint.
7.- Return policy:
In the case of an error in the product received by the client, returns can be made within 20 days of receiving the purchase. If you want to know more about returns, click here.
As usual, if you have doubts when browsing the web or about certain products or terms, write us at