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  • Luftverk Acadia
    Luftverk Acadia

    The Acadia - The Evolution Of The Evora!

    344,99 €
  • Yoyorecreation Toru 0.9
    Yoyorecreation Toru 0.9

    Toru Miyazaki Signature Model!

    172,99 €

    The BOY by Caribou Lodge - Ayumu Harada Signature Yo-Yo!

    84,00 €
  • CLYW Akita
    CLYW Akita

    Even if you are on this page because you were dying to feel closer to...

    114,99 €
  • YoYoFactory Edge Infinity
    YoYoFactory Edge Infinity

    The Edge Infinity, Evan Nagao Signature YoYo!Talk about a legend.

    124,00 €

Whoops! You've come this far thinking that all Yo-Yos are equal, but the reality is very different... There are 5 play styles, from 1A to 5A. Each is very different from the other, from playing with just one Yo-Yo, to have one in each hand. It is true that most Yo-Yos suit most all playing styles, but each is designed for specific categories. Each of us is born to compete in one of these styles, and you, why you were chosen? 

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