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I Love YoYo demonstrates the strength and enthusiasm of a brand obsessed with perfection and exclusivity. Yo-Yos made in Germany with the best technology available to all who over the years have become Yo-Yos highly demanded by collectors from all over the world. I Love YoYo presents a catalog of unheard-of Yo-Yos that you want to own. I Love YoYo jumped to fame in the world of collecting and high-performance play for his innovative techniques of manufacture and painting, with very exclusive anodized finishes of a unique touch. Even in our long experience, we have not seen another manufacturer at the height of I Love YoYo Yo-Yos. Every choice you make will be a welcome success.

  • 119,00 €
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    Is there a new beast in the ILYY family? Well, if by beast you mean a Super-YoYo, then the answer is yes.

    119,00 €
  • 51,00 € 59,00 €
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    The new ILoveYoYo Void. This new and improved profile has very straight lines and flat edges.

    51,00 € 59,00 €
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