Payment Methods.

At LaTiendaDelYoYo we try to adapt ourselves as best as possible to you. That is why we offer the best options for your needs.

When you are going to validate your purchase, you will find different payment options which we will explain down below.

1.- Paying with a Credit Card:

For payments with a Credit Card we have a TPV Virtual that is offered by La Caixa. This TPV allows you to make transactions which are 100% secure as all the information is encrypted via a SSL mode (Secure Socket Layer). This avoids interference from third parties.

At the time of purchase, the security method chosen by the bank will activate (with a password request, text message…) and until this has not happened, the payment will not go through. Any card will have this system, you just have to request it from the bank that your card is affiliated with. (This process will only occur once).

When you have started your payment with the card, the TPV Virtual will contact the bank in real time to verify via a secret authentication code to make sure you are the person executing the operation. Once the card is validated, the TPV Virtual will connect with our bank to finalize the requested transaction.

2.- Paying with PayPal:

To use the PayPal system, you must already have an account with PayPal allows companies or consumers to have an email to send and receive payments on the internet in a safe, easy, and profitable way. PayPal’s network is based on a financial infrastructure that is existent in bank accounts and credit cards to create a global solution for paying in real time.

The PayPal service allows users to send payments for free and can be used from computers and phones with internet access.

3.- Paying with a Bank Transfer:
When the “Bank Transfer” option is selected as a payment method, the confirmation will be done by email with the account number where the transfer wants to be made. Also a “Reference Order Code” which will have to be the “Subject” of the transfer. It is very important that you indicate the Reference Order Code as well as your first and last name.
The transfer should be made in a span of maximum four natural days since the order was made. If for any reason it is not, we cannot guarantee the availability of the order. The payment will always be done in Euros. The commissions due to exchange will run through the client’s account with this payment method.
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