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Plastic Yo-Yos

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Great choice! Plastic Yo-Yos are perfect for players who are just starting out and for players who are looking for a high performance professional throw too. You can play with a plastic Yo-Yo anywhere you go and do not have to worry about a little ding on the floor or scratches. The professional plastic Yo-Yos you will find here have all been thoroughly tested and selected to ensure that you have what is best on the market available to you.

  • 10,00 €

    The YoYoFactory Loop 360 is everything a good beginner may want. Savings and quality.

    10,00 €
  • 12,99 €
    Sold out!

    'YoYoFactory F.A.S.T.201' is synonymous with 'The beginners Yo-Yo'. It has never been so easy to learn to play Yo-Yo.

    12,99 €
  • 29,99 €

    29,99 €
    In Stock
  • 15,99 €
    Sold out!

    The Mojo from Top Yo: High Performance Fingerspin Yo-Yo! After lots of research and plenty of prototypes, TopYo has found the perfect solution to creating a consistent well performing...

    15,99 €
  • 18,99 €
    Sold out!

    What am I looking at? The Loop 720 is back and it is coming in strong!

    18,99 €
  • 19,99 €
    Sold out!

    What is the Antidote?

    19,99 €
  • 9,99 €
    Sold out!

    This is a time to celebrate! The YoYoFactory is back at LaTiendaDelYoYo better than ever.

    9,99 €
  • 21,00 €
    Sold out!

    Magicyoyo has waved its wand and you get this. A professional plastic Yo-Yo with a unique "Finger Spin” feature.

    21,00 €
  • 94,99 €

    Yoyorecreation AUT(OS)COPY - OffstringHajime Miura Signature YoYo!This is the signature yo-yo of Hajime Miura,who has won 6 consecutive world championships, and in 2018, won 2...

    94,99 €
    In Stock
  • 15,95 €
    Sold out!

    If you ever wondered how you would play with a plastic Yo-Yo that feels like aluminum, then stop thinking, the YoYoFactory Replay Pro is the answer.

    15,95 €
  • 18,99 €
  • 35,00 €
    Sold out!

    The CLYW Big Dipper is the option that is more financially efficient, manufactured in plastic, and still has qualities of some of the best metal Yo-Yos made by CLYW!

    35,00 €
  • 22,80 €
    Sold out!

    "Speedaholic". Does the name not say it all? This is the perfect prototype professional plastic Yo-Yo manufactured by C3yoyodesign, and we give it an outstanding (10/10).

    22,80 €
  • 39,99 €
    Sold out!

    A plastic Yo-Yo does not have to be plasticky. Check out what I mean.

    39,99 €
  • 17,99 €

    Enough waiting! The C3yoyodesign of which all 2A Players have dreamed of has already landed on Planet Earth.

    17,99 €
  • 16,50 € 21,50 €
    Sold out!

    If you fell in love with the YoYoFactory ONE, you can’t pass up this opportunity.

    16,50 € 21,50 €
    Reduced price!
  • 19,50 €
    Sold out!

    Here is the proof that plastic Yo-Yos are not just a boring alternative.

    19,50 €
  • 35,00 € 52,00 €
    Sale! Sold out!

    The V is sOMEThING's release with a focus on getting that high end Japanese play for that lower price tag!

    35,00 € 52,00 €
  • 29,00 €
    Sold out!

    Freshthings is back with a fresh, fresh new throw (pun intended). Meet the new Peanuts.

    29,00 €
  • 19,00 €
    Sold out!

    The YoYoJam Lyn Fury is an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate level players. It is a plastic Yo-Yo with a comfortable shape and long spin times.

    19,00 €
  • 26,00 € 34,00 €
    Sold out!

    If you have gotten this far, that is because you know that the YoYoFactory Replay Pro is one of the best purchases you can make and this Kit just made it even more tempting.

    26,00 € 34,00 €
    Reduced price!
  • 28,00 €
    Sold out!

    The forecasts have been fulfilled. CLYW has delivered the goods. The Yeti 2.0 is the newest member in the family of plastic Super-YoYos at a very affordable price.

    28,00 €
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