YoYofficer XPoint


Thinking about buying your first Yo-Yo? Or even better, thinking about buying your first professional Yo-Yo for daily use? What a coincidence! Here, I have the perfect one for you. Let me show you the new YoYofficer XPoint.

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    YoYofficer XPoint

    Yes this is the case. If you felt a weird connection between the previous questions or did not understand let me explain; YoYofficer has manufactured the new XPoint in high quality plastic and they are thinking of all beginner and advanced players who are looking for a Yo-Yo to carry around everywhere. It’s lit. Keep reading though, there is more.

    I know it’s hard to believe both ideas are present at the same time in one Yo-Yo but my friend here you have proof. The reason is none other than the bearing you use for this YoYofficer XPoint because you will find two in the box. The first comes mounted on the Yo-Yo and is a Narrow Size C Bearing which will give you response with a simple tug. This is ideal for beginner players. The second is a wide Size C Center Trac Bearing that will only come up with a good bind, meant for advanced players.

    Wait, 2 Yo-Yos in 1? I want it now!

    This YoYofficer XPoint is not the first plastic Yo-Yo at a low price that can endure monstrous tricks if you are truly an expert. If you have followed our website you have probably seen other very similar Yo-Yos with characteristics that are alike. However, this XPoint beats them all in price, and it comes with two bearings!

    In play, the XPoint is a super fun Yo-Yo. With the narrow bearing it does not lose efficiency as you can do short combos and then bring it up. If you want to play responsive, there is a lot of potential in this YoYo for sure but if you want to unleash the beast, whip on the Center Trac bearing and get ready for a ride.

    The YoYofficer XPoint is a slightly large Yo-Yo in diameter, making it very comfortable and convenient in play. The XPoint is a very stable and manageable YoYo, as well as light, which allows for a comfortable play in everyday use. Plus, it gives you a lot of security with every throw which will allow you to explore and innovate with your tricks.

    In our opinion, the YoYofficer XPoint is 100% recommended for any level you are at. It is one of those YoYos that will be by your side your whole life and you will start to enjoy from the first day.
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    Shape: W Shape
    Material: Plastic
    Weight: 64g
    Diameter: 58mm
    Width: 44mm
    Gap: 4.3mm
    Bearing: Size C – Both Narrow & Centering
    System Response: YYO Pads, Standard size 19mm


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