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Spending hours in front of your computer screen trying to find a new Yo-Yo is something we players have all gone through. That’s why YoYofficer has made things really easy. YoYofficer offers great Yo-Yos at the lowest price possible. These have the same characteristics of a top tier Yo-Yo but are offered at a more reasonable price for the average crowd. It’s a pretty good idea, right? Now you have no excuses to enjoy your Yo-Yo from YoYofficer in ways you had never imagined.

  • 28,00 €
    Sold out!

    The Kilter saga does not end. Model after model they just keep coming out, and they just keep getting better.

    28,00 €
  • 59,00 €

    This is not the first time we hear ‘Hatchet’ used to refer a YoYofficer Yo-Yo, but it is the first time it is followed by ‘+’. Can you already imagine why it is called the ‘Hatchet+’?

    59,00 €
  • 19,90 € 26,90 €
    Sale! Sold out!

    Hey you, yeah you, have you ever dreamt up a perfect Yo-Yo…?

    19,90 € 26,90 €
  • 29,70 € 33,00 € -10%
    Sale! Sold out!

    YoYofficer comes back in full swing with a great Yo-Yo for intermediate players. Meet the new Zealot.

    29,70 € 33,00 € -10%
  • 2,10 €
    Sold out!

    It’s time to change the response system on your Yo-Yo don’t you think? Now would be a perfect chance to try the new Slim pads from Yoyofficer.

    2,10 €
  • 59,00 €

    Hatchet being YoYofficer competition model for a long time. Now YoYofficer redesign it make it more powerful!

    59,00 €
    In Stock
  • 94,00 €

    First performance bi-metal Yo-Yo from YoYofficer.

    94,00 €
    In Stock
  • 47,99 € 59,99 € -20%

    Did you think it was a Bi-Metal? I am sorry but it is not… Its rings are also made of aluminum, my friend, but the Eager is perhaps the most Premium Yo-Yo from YoYofficer.

    47,99 € 59,99 € -20%
    In Stock
  • 23,00 € 30,50 €
    Sold out!

    Playing with Yo-Yos is a passion, but the process of learning to play is a wonderful experience to mastery.

    23,00 € 30,50 €
    Reduced price!
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