YoYoFactory ONE + 10 Yo-Yo Strings for FREE


The YoYofactory ONE, for all levels of Yo-Yo play and everyday use. 
Buy your YoYoFactory One and get a pack of 10 100% Polyester Yo-Yo Strings for Free this month.

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    YoYoFactory ONE

    If you are looking for your first Yo-Yo to make your first throw or your first Bind then this is the YoYofactory ONE.

    Made from good quality plastic and available in a range of bright colors, with a butterfly profile making it perfect to learn the 1A style of play.

    Comes with two size C bearings, one slim bearing and one normal sized bearing. This allows for the possibility of adjusting the gap quickly and easily which results in a different level of responsiveness. With the slim bearing a simple tug or pull will bring the Yo-Yo back to your hand and with the normal sized bearing a bind will be required. This is what makes the Yo-Yo perfect to learn with as you will be able to perform basic tricks with ease as well as intermediate and more advanced tricks just by changing the bearing.

    Comes with silicone pads offering ideal response for all levels of play. So if you are looking for a Yo-Yo to learn with then the YoYoFactory ONE is for you.

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    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Material: Plastic.
    Weight: 56.50 gr.
    Diameter: 53.36 mm.
    Width: 40.00 mm.
    Gap: 2.80 - 4.00 mm.
    Bearing: 2 Size C: .250x .500x .187 in. and .125x .500x .187 in.
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: CBC Slim Pad Size 19 mm. ODle silicone.


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