Unparalleled or UNPRLD for friends. Under this interesting project hides a new manufacturer of high performance Yo-Yos for the most demanding and open minded professional players to explore new and sophisticated alternatives never seen before. UNPRLD is one of those brands that have won the favor of the best and most exquisite public in a very short time, so we will be very open to your news because now you have the way open to become a great manufacturer of much interest.

  • Vosun

    There is a common wish amongst all Yo-Yo players around the world, “Finding an amazing Yo-Yo performance at the lowest possible price possible”. Since then, Vosun has not stopped producing professional Yo-Yos with some of the best technical specs out there. Trust me, these will make any player fall in love. Will it be you too? Vosun offers everything good players have been waiting for for years and you can finally enjoy all of this. If you want to be the best player you can be, you should have a Yo-Yo that will help you make this dream come true.

  • Vulto

    Vulto manufactures Yo-Yos and Yo-Yo strings made ​in Brazil. Savor your hands on the exotic quality of its products. 

  • Werrd

    All it takes is a short travel through time to understand how everything started. Werrd took its first steps in the international production of professional, high caliber Yo-Yos in 2006 and since then has not stopped attracting expert players from around the world. Werrd can definitely show off one of the most awe-striking collections ever and their Yo-Yos have swayed the public in a record time.

  • We live in such a globalized world that it feels like we have seen everything. But, when we receive Yo-Yos made with so much passion and scrutiny like these made by XCube, everything seems to make more sense. The XCube Yo-Yos are designed and produced in France by the charismatic player and our personal friend Alexandre Valin. XCube has achieved what other brands wish they could achieve, to produce Yo-Yos with a style and look that is unique. These surprise players and are perfect for players who are looking for a Yo-Yo for everyday usage. Every single XCube Yo-Yo is unique and and radically different to any other. Choose your favorite and get ready for a surprise.

  • Yomega

    Up until this point I listened to all your bad excuses, but now you have no way out. Learning how to play Yo-Yo is easier than it has ever been! Thanks to Yomega, learning how to play with a professional Yo-Yo is in anyone’s reach, you’ll see. The Yomega Yo-Yos are designed to enjoy the learning process as they mould to each player’s needs. If you are looking for your first big time professional Yo-Yo, Yomega will most definitely help you with those first steps. By the way, you will also always be able to maintain a new looking condition as Yomega offers replacement parts for most of their Yo-Yos that can all be found on this site.

  • YoYo Apartment

    YoYo Apartment manufactures intermediate Yo-Yos and features solutions to the indecision of choosing your first aluminum Yo-Yo

  • YoYoers Wit Attitudes

    What would you think if I told you there is a Yo-Yo manufacturer that is obsessed with making unique throws that combine high performance and an amazing playing feeling? Don’t ask yourself who it is, ask yourself why Y.W.A. (YoYoers Wit Attitudes) had not existed before.

    This is what we, the people who really have a passion for this little world, had been needing after seeing a market that is quite frankly a bit exploded and drowned by so many brands and models. Why shouldn’t there be someone like Nick Frisbie who just decides how Yo-Yos should be made? What is the solution then? With attitude. When you play with a Y.W.A. you will feel your creative juices flowing and will want to just keep playing and playing.

  • YoYoFactory

    Since 2003 YoYoFactory has been on the lips of all players around the world. They alone have created one of the most recognized brands worldwide with Yo-Yos that have marked a before and after. They have seen the best Yo-Yo players grow and have made them real champions wherever they went. YoYoFactory is one of the few brands with a wide range of Yo-Yos available for all types of players, from beginners to true experts or Yo-Yo collectors. Just as you imagine a Yo-Yo sure that YoYoFactory has the perfect model for you, do not hesitate. Just take a look at this long list and pick your favorite, you will not be disappointed.

  • YoYofficer

    Spending hours in front of your computer screen trying to find a new Yo-Yo is something we players have all gone through. That’s why YoYofficer has made things really easy. YoYofficer offers great Yo-Yos at the lowest price possible. These have the same characteristics of a top tier Yo-Yo but are offered at a more reasonable price for the average crowd. It’s a pretty good idea, right? Now you have no excuses to enjoy your Yo-Yo from YoYofficer in ways you had never imagined.

  • Yoyofriends

    Yoyofriends is finally landed at LaTiendaDelYoYo, so you can stop counting down the days to see this manufacturer of manufacturers here in Europe. Yay! Yoyofriends is a new manufacturer in the business, but on the further side of that friendly name, this company has been manufacturing Yo-Yos for other Yo-Yo companies for so long, you guess, Yo-Yos for the best brands in the World with the best reputation you will be able to see in your life. But the wait is over, Yoyofriends is now showing its best face and knowledge they have acquired all along this time, ¡Welcome to LaTienda!

  • YoYoJam

    YoYoJam is already legend. An American brand that for years has been at the top in manufacturing Yo-Yos high performance. Yo-Yos for all, beginner, intermediate and advanced players and that you can still enjoy and acquire right here. Feel in each of them the quality of a Yo-Yo made in the USA and the innovation capacity with which the brand conquered thousands of players around the World: New response systems based on O-Rings, adjustable Gapds, metallic rings in Plastic YoYos and a long list of etceteras.

  • YoYoRecreation

    YoYoRecreation is a Japanese company that has been renowned for years for making High Quality Yo-Yos with the best technology available. YoYoRecreation Yo-Yos are considered some of the best and most appropriate for competition play. This company has a highly demanded collection of Yo-Yos for players who are very critical and only want to play with absolute perfection. The smoothness and overall performance of each Yo-Yo is a feeling you will not forget.

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