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Unparalleled or UNPRLD for friends. Under this interesting project hides a new manufacturer of high performance Yo-Yos for the most demanding and open minded professional players to explore new and sophisticated alternatives never seen before. UNPRLD is one of those brands that have won the favor of the best and most exquisite public in a very short time, so we will be very open to your news because now you have the way open to become a great manufacturer of much interest.

  • 109,00 €

    Whatever goes up comes back down. This time it’s coming back down with a splash.

    109,00 €
    In Stock
  • 85,49 € 89,99 € -5%
    New Sale!

    I had been waiting for this moment for a while now, but at last I can say it. The new Elimination has just landed a spot in the Top 5 Bi-Metal YoYo ranks.

    85,49 € 89,99 € -5%
    In Stock
  • 49,99 €

    Mamma mia. This is one of the most beautiful Yo-Yos I have ever seen. Don’t you think so? Check it out.

    49,99 €
    In Stock
  • 99,00 €

    The newest release from UNPRLD is new in many ways. It is based off the Ignition, but has “new” features.

    99,00 €
    In Stock
  • 53,90 €
    Sold out!

    At last UИPRLD lands in our hands and what better way to impress us than with this Corruption so peculiar and unlike anything you have tried before. I like it a lot!

    53,90 €
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