Yoyorecreation NSK Micro DS Bearing


Yoyorecreation presents the best Yo-Yo bearing in the World, as of right now. Let yourself be mesmerized by the incredible NSK Micro DS.

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    Yoyorecreation NSK Micro DS Bearing

    Yoyorecreation has just made the dreams of thousands of players around the world a reality. If you had ever wondered what a top quality Yoyorecreation Yo-Yo felt the answer is quite short and simple: spectacular. The reason is none other than the bearings it carries, the NSK Micro DS, the best bearings you will find.

    As you know, Yo-Yo bearings are like the motors for cars. If the bearing is not working well, your Yo-Yo will not work well. That is why if you are able to maintain your bearing in a good state whenever possible, your Yo-Yo will work a lot better, almost like its brand new. Going off that, Yoyorecreation has worked tirelessly to manufacture a perfect and unbeatable bearing. The mission was to change or alter the performance of any Yo-Yo to explode its potential. That is why they created the NSK Micro Precision Ltd.

    The NSK Micro DS bearing was named after its Double Straight profile which is made up of four straight sides in a V-shape. This way, the string will always be centred on the bearing and this will prevent any small imbalances during play.

    One key characteristic that sets this Yo-Yo apart is how silent it is without any lubricant. Plus, the spin quality is remarkable, it does not unexpectedly lag or get stuck at any point.

    Our advice to get the most out of your NSK Micro DS is to combine it with the Motorsil D response system on your Yo-Yo. Get ready to play with your YoYo like you have never played with it before.
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