Luftverk Fulvia


Up until now you thought you knew exactly what the best Yo-Yo in the world was, but Luftverk had a secret weapon all along that you had no idea about my friend. The Luftverk Fulvia is the new King of the Jungle.

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    Luftverk Fulvia

    Up until today we had tried different Luftverk models, and as you know they just keep getting better. After receiving this new Luftverk Fulvia and the AMS2488 version, I have made up my mind. I LOVE IT MORE THAN ANY OTHER!!

    We all know what the top-tier Yo-Yos are and recently no one had dared mess with the top spot throws. But the rules of the game have changed. Luftverk strides forward with so much force in this production, showing us who the king of Titanium high quality Yo-Yos really is. Although there have been other editions before this Fulvia, I am sorry to say but this is the probably the most perfect Yo-Yo I have ever tried.

    I am no expert in production Yo-Yo material, but Jeffrey Pang is. He is the brains for Luftverk and has shown us his huge potential and knowledge in designing extremely high performance Yo-Yos meant for competition play and full blown enjoyment. The technical engineering work behind this piece is simply perfect.

    This Fulvia is entirely designed of the best possible quality Titanium. As you know, Titanium is much more dense than aluminum, which makes up most Yo-Yos you know, and it is thanks to this characteristic that the Fulvia is so extraordinary. Its inner walls have been made as thin as possible to make it feel light and floaty. This makes the Luftverk Fulvia is very, very fast.

    But this project does not end there, the Fulvia is even more special than you think. There are two finishes, a ‘Blue sky” and the other is a mixture between ‘Gray steel’ and ‘Clear brown’ but let’s keep this last one please. Dear friend of mine, allow me to introduce the Luftverk Fulvia AMS2488 Type II, the most radical Yo-Yo we have ever met.

    Don’t get scared, the AMS2488 Type II was a reference to the finish that has been applied to this Yo-Yo. This is the same material that is made for military and medical instruments as an anti-galling agent. In terms of YoYoing, all this means is that the tact is addicting. This anodized coating allows for an incredibly smooth surface that is almost comparable with the tact of teflon. Just in case this is not enough, the Fulvia AMS2488 Type II is limited to 25 units around the world and we only have a small bunch.

    Don’t worry I didn’t forget the other half. The other edition is the Fulvia Glass Dust, another very resistant anodized coating that is also corroding-proof. It is available in the beautiful “Blue Sky” color and is limited to only 15 units around the world. By the way, the Fulvia is one of the few anodized Titanium Yo-Yos. I’m just throwing that out there...

    Just one more thing, these Luftverk Fulvia comes with a Center Trac Size C bearing and in the box you will also find another 10 ball Grooved bearing that is completely ceramic. Each Yo-Yo comes with a certificate to prove its legitimacy. This is just an amazing piece to have if you want to show it off to your friends. A unique and rare piece indeed.
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    Shape: W Shape
    Material: Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5)
    Weight: 63.6 grams
    Diameter: 56.0 mm
    Width: 43.0 mm
    Gap: 4.6 mm
    Bearing: Size C Center Trac
    System Response: 19mm LuftPAD


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