One Drop Flow Groove Pads


The system of response is something essential in your Yo-Yo, perhaps a vital question that you must solve as soon as you begin to give problems.

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    One Drop Flow Groove Pads

    Unfortunately not everything is infinite in this world, and you as a Yo-Yo expert player well you know it. The response systems of your Yo-Yo more than once have worn out and you have had to replace them. If you now want to replace the response system of your One Drop, you'll have it again with the Flow Groove Pads.

    The Flow Groove Pads are the original One Drop silicone pads, which are sold in Packs of 4 and you can always have your Yo-Yo back on the day you first launched it.

    One Drop Flow Groove Pads measures:

    - 15 mm inner diameter.

    - 0.15 mm thick (0.062 ").

    - 2.70 mm wide (0.105 ").

    Surely you know One Drop or you have heard of them for their high quality of manufacture and high performance in each of your Yo-Yos, well, you should know that this degree of perfection is achieved by adding all the perfect parts that build Yo-Yo, among them, the silicone pads are vital to pick up and drop the Yo-Yo in perfect condition and with a very soft touch. One Drop pads have the perfect quality to feel a special touch every time you do Bind.

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