MonkeyfingeR Bumperz


Do you want to change up what your KOKOnutz look like? Combine the colors of your Begleri with these original Bumperz from MonkeyfingeR.

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    MonkeyfingeR Bumperz

    This is the only thing that was missing to make you a true fanatic of Begleri. MonkeyfingeR releases the Bumperz. These are only for their KOKOnutz and will protect and flare up your KOKOnutz in ways you had never imagined.

    Playing Begleri is nice, but it is even better if you have accesories. These Bumperz exist to keep your KOKOnutz in the best possible state at all times.

    What are the Bumperz? As you can see in the photo, they are small rubber rings that fit perfectly into the outer dent of your KOKOnutz. They protect your Begleri so they are not damaged from impact or anything else.

    But what is best is that by buying one pack of Bumperz, you will find 10 different pairs of Bumperz. In other words, you will have a total of 20 Bumperz to combine in whatever ways you want.

    All you have to know is that the Bumperz have been designed specifically for the Begleri KOKOnutz model from MonkeyfingeR. They will not fit into any other Begleri on the market.
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