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CLYW Peak 2 | Buy here

CLYW Peak 2

90,00 €

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    CLYW Peak 2

    No matter how much time you have been in the Yo-Yo world, you have probably heard of CLYW. It is normal, they are one of the biggest and most renowned Yo-Yo manufacturers in the world. It is also very likely you have heard about the Peak, the first YoYo they designed and manufactured, but the one above is its successor, the Peak 2.

    Apparently 10 years can do a lot, as you know, and even more in the Yo-Yo world. Some of us who have been following it for longer have seen it evolve so quickly. CLYW is one of those brands that have grown next to us since we started and now, now is when we feel the nostalgic…

    CLYW has always been our reference point and one to follow, but what few people know is that thanks to the Peak, CLYW became the CLYW you and I love. The Peak was their first Yo-Yo and was responsible for CLYW jumping into the spotlight. Since then, numerous limited editions have been in the hands of the biggest collectionists around the world, but now you have a chance to say ‘hi’ the revamped CLYW Peak 2. This Yo-Yo has all the modern features you could want and all the new ones you are looking forward to.

    10 years ago, the style of Yo-Yo design was very different to what we are used to today. YoYos were designed to be small, round, and very narrow. The weight distribution was strange as it was more towards the center of the Yo-Yo making many of them very unstable in play. Today, we refer to that style as ‘Old School’, but CLYW designed the Peak to change the game. They surprised everyone by giving them something radically different and it made a huge splash in the water!

    The new CLYW Peak 2 is based on its predecessor. It stays true to the original Peak and this is visible in every part of the YoYo, the inside, outside, and even the profile. But don’t worry, although it is based off its predecessor it has not been designed the same way. The CLYW Peak 2’s design is inspired on the latest, best, and most successful CLYW Yo-Yos. You can really notice this when you play with it. You will realize it has the potential to be a top of the line Yo-Yo. A YoYo that you will find on the market today.

    The ‘rims’ was one of the most important parts for the boys at CLYW in designing this Peak 2. It was the problem that had to be solved if they were basing it off their original Peak. Just so you get the gist, the main goal was to take the weight off the center and bring it to the edges.

    But in play is where we the CLYW Peak 2 really shows off its personality. It is nothing like the original Peak that felt round and sometimes unstable. This new version brings hours of redesign that once again proves CLYW is at the top of the game in designing top of the line YoYos.
    Find more CLYW Yo-Yos here.
    Shape: O Shape
    Material: Aluminium
    Weight: 63.9 grams
    Diameter: 54.6 mm
    Width: 42.50 mm
    Gap: 4.60 mm
    Bearing: Pixel Bearing. Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)in
    System Response: CLYW Snow Tires


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