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"H-profile" is synonymous to “The most radical YoYos you will find”. The reason for this is that every time that I play with a H-profiled Yo-Yo, it feels different to the last. Unlike the other profiles where they feel similar in their respective categories, H-profiled Yo-Yos don’t. This makes each YoYo unique and is something that professional players love to find.

Generally speaking, H-profiled YoYos are similar to V-profiled YoYos; however, the difference is that H-profiled throws have a wider internal space. This means that if your game is fast but also technical, you will have more space to catch the string and not make knots. The H-Shape  can and will be your friend.

If you want to experience a different feeling, H-profiles will give you that little touch that you need and that will make you addicted.

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  • 105,00 €
    Sold out!

    Who said size didn’t matter? Oh, was it you? Well trust me, you are wrong...

    105,00 €
  • 124,99 €
    Sold out!

    What if I started out by saying Sengoku has been working on this piece for two and a half years?

    124,99 €
  • 216,00 €
    Sold out!

    Their flagship Yo-Yo, the Anglam, just got a remodel! This is the Anglam 2!

    216,00 €
  • 398,00 €
    Sold out!

    If you thought you had seen everything with the TiRROX, then give a few minutes to appreciate the new iYoYo TiSSOX, a bi-metal made of Titanium with Stainless Steel rings.

    398,00 €
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