YoYoFactory Supernova


World Champion Tyler Severance has helped design another fantastic yo-yo. This yo-yo is reminiscent of the YoYoFactory Severe but YoYoFactory now presents the Supernova.

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    YoYoFactory Supernova

    After the great success of the Severe, YoYoFactory and Tyler Severance introduce the Supernova. This project initially was designed as a refined Severe, but after many modifications and an altered profile, the new Supernova was born. With improved weight distribution and a solid feel, great stability and smooth play is the result.

    Since the design of the YoYoFactory SuperStar there has not been a yo-yo which has been so praised by the team YoYoFactory players. This is definitely a top class competition yo-yo, so if you want to step your play up to the next level, the Supernova will help you do that.

    Made from 7075 grade aluminium and a spectacular splash anodization this yo-yo not only players superb but looks the part too. The Supernova is fast becoming a favourite of the top players so do not delay and gets yours now!

    Special Editions

    - Vashek Kroutil (blue and red) Edition.

    - Gacek Edition featuring a gold splash on black (adds €10.00)

    - Vashek Kroutil Edition EYYC 2012 (adds €10.00).

    - Jason Lee Edition EYYC 2012 (adds €10.00).

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    Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    Ağırlık:67.50 gr.
    Çapı:56.30 mm.
    En:44.20 mm.
    Gap:4.80 mm.
    Rulman:Size C .250x .500x .187 in. SPEC YYF.
    Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    Response Sistemi:Large Bearing Slim Pads. (Pads Standard)

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