YoYoFactory SkyLine

YoYoFactory SkyLine. Mavi ve Altın rengi ve sadece Avrupa' ya özel sınırlı sayıdaki sürümü.

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75,00 €

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    This Limited Edition YoYoFactory SkyLine which combines a blue half and a gold half, is exclusively available in Europe.

    The SkyLine combines the best features of the YoYoFactory Premium range. With a size similar to that of the YYF 888, but using lines similar to the H profile of the G5, gives this yo-yo very distinguished playability as compared with the rest of the Premium range.

    With an undersized shape and ideal proportions, this yo-yo is fast and very agile on the string.

    This stunning looking yo-yo comes with black HubStacks, a Large or Type C bearing with the response offered by YYF silicone pads.

    The finish is unique for this limited edition, with a perfect anodization and a laser engraved graphic in the center of each face. Truly a work of art.

    50.En:39.83 mm.
    30.Ağırlık:64.70 gr.
    40.Çapı:50.64 mm.
    10.Profil:Butterfly / Wing.
    60.Gap:5.03 mm.
    70.Rulman:Size C .025x .050x .187 in.
    80.Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    90.Response Sistemi:Silicone K-Pads by YYF.

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