Tom Kuhn Turbo Disc 8 pcs.

Tom Kuhn

Renew your response system for your Tom Kuhn Yo-Yos with these genuine Dr.Yo's Turbo Discs.

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    Tom Kuhn Turbo Disc 8 Pcs.

    What are Dr.Yo’s Turbo Discs?

    They’re small, self-adhesive linen discs that are placed on the inside of your Tom Kuhn trans-axle Yo-Yo. They provide the perfect amount of interaction with the string for enhanced performance and control of your Yo-Yo. By allowing for a single-looped string configuration, previously unachievable tricks can now be performed.

    Will they change the way I string my Yo-Yo?

    With Dr.Yo’s Turbo Discs, a single loop will actually more responsive tan the double-loop configuration needed without the Discs, and your string gap will require fewer adjustments too!

    When do my Turbo Discs need to be replaced?

    They’re extremely durable. Close inspection may reveal fraying of the disc fibers at the edges. Simply press these back into place with your finger. If play is balky, check your string gap and possibly change your string. If it’s clear that the disc has somehow los tan edge of adhesive and has curled into the gap, then replace it.

    What Yo-Yos will they work on?
    Dr. Yo’s Turbo Discs will enhance the performance  of any Tom Kuhn trans-axle Yo-Yo, and will not harm the surface of the Yo-Yo in any way.
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