One Drop 10 Ball Bearing Size C


If you're looking for where the key to One Drop's success is, most of it has its own 10-Ball, flat stainless steel precision Ball Bearing.

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    One Drop 10 Ball Bearing Size C

    We all thought the same thing when we released Yo-Yo One Drop for the first time: "Wow, how good is this." But what you did not know until now is that the Bearing that comes standard with all One Drop also sold separately, and you can feel again the same as when your Yo-Yo was like new.

    The One Drop 10 Ball Bearing is one of the most requested by professional players around the world. This Bearing keeps the essence of One Drop, you know, its extraordinary performance says it all. Such for which.

    The One Drop Bearing is made of Stainless Steel, this means that it resists friction much better when turning, achieving a longer turning times and better quality.

    This Bearing still hides more surprises. It comes slightly lubricated with a tiny goa of lubricant V4M also of One Drop, but calm, the Bearing is unresponsive. This little drop of the one that I speak to you only serves to maintain in good condition the state of the Bearing. It does not affect the game.

    This Bearing also comes with side covers (shields), to protect the interior from external contaminants that may affect its performance, but if you want to wash it, you know that you only have to remove the shields, and clean it once opened.

    If you want to feel the quality of a One Drop in your Yo-Yo, your 10-Ball Bearing will make your Yo-Yo feel like a totally new one.
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