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One Drop Küntosh 5000QV | Buy here

One Drop Küntosh 5000QV


If what you are trying to tell me is that One Drop has improved the original Küntosh making it more aggressive than the first version, you must be very convinced already. The new Küntosh cannot be improved!

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89,00 €

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    One Drop Küntosh 5000QV

    The decision to further improve the Küntosh we knew from a few months was a big decision for One Drop. Bettering a Yo-Yo at this caliber puts a lot of pressure as it is necessary to have a great understanding of Yo-Yo craft. But honestly, this Küntosh 5000QV incorporates new improvements that make its flow radically different from the earlier one.

    Before I keep going let me jog your memory. The “Küntosh” project was totally new for One Drop. Sonny Patrick was a key player through out the whole design process. The name, ‘Küntosh’ is a reference to the Lamborghini Countach which caused furor in 1985. You probably remember the first edition of this Yo-Yo that had the super sports car engraved on the outside faces of the Yo-Yo. Well, we are now immersed into the special edition, the 5000QV, that improved the performance of the car with a new motor that was completely redesigned with four valves. In Italian it was, “Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole” or 5000QV. I’m sure you are starting to understand where I’m going with all of this now.

    As I’m sure you are imagining, this One Drop Küntosh 5000QV was made in honor of its name with a grandiose improvement. I am talking about what this Yo-Yo is made of. I’m sure you also remember how the first Küntosh was manufactured from 6061 aluminium. However, this 5000QV is made out of 7075 aluminium, another type that is more dense and just a tad lighter than its predecessor. But, what does this big change do? It is easy, when the material is changed the Yo-Yo becomes totally new. Even the weight distribution is affected. The Küntosh 5000QV feels even more stable than its predecessor and with longer spin times too. Its enormous and muscular rims are in charge of giving it the power to perform each successive spin.

    Another small but efficient improvement is the new profile of the Küntosh. Right in the angle between the rims and inner walls, One Drop has made a small fissure that distributes the weight on the extremes of the Yo-Yo. Without a doubt, a small but important difference in comparison to the earlier model.

    That is not all, One Drop has literally taken the name 5000QV in the colors of the Yo-Yo. It has nothing less than the 4 original colors of the Countach 5000QV. These are ‘Desert Drifter’, ‘Racing Red’, ‘Streaking Silver’ and ‘Burnout Blue’. Lastly, let me tell you that this Küntosh 5000QV is a limited edition. Limited to 4 colors and limited to the number of Yo-Yos that have been manufactured. So yes it is either now or never.
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    Shape: H-Profile
    Material: 7075 Aluminum
    Weight: 65 grams
    Diameter: 55.90 mm
    Width: 45.65 mm
    Gap: 4.55 mm
    Bearing: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)in. OneDrop 10 BallBearing
    System Response: One Drop Flow Groove Pads


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