Duncan Silicone Stickers. 13.7 mm. 8 Pack

Duncan Yo-Yo

Have your Yo-Yo like brand new with this set of 13.7 mm 8 PCs silicone pads.

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    Duncan Silicone Stickers. 13.7 mm. 8 Pack

    Playing Yo-Yo is fun if your Yo-Yo always is in good state, and of this depends on how you use it, but sometimes the response pads give out. In this case, we offer a pack with 8 units of Pads of silicone for your Yo-Yo Duncan that use pads of 13.7 mm

    Before anything, ensure that your Yo-Yo uses pads of this measure, 13.7 mm of diameter in the inside of the pad. If need it, do not hesitate, and always keep your Yo-Yo like new with these original pads of Duncan

    Reminds that the system's response is crucial for to enjoy of the game of the Yo-Yo and power do it always return to the hand. Without it we could not play.

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