Responsive and Unresponsive Yo-Yos.

There are 2 types of Yo-Yos in the world, the ones that come up, and the ones that do not come up. How? Surely you are thinking that I am telling you a lie since all Yo-Yos have to come back so that they can be thrown again, but in reality we are talking about something very different, you see.

When we say 'Responsive Yo-Yos', we mean the type of Yo-Yos that come up to the hand by just pulling them up while they are spinning. This type of Yo-Yo is the most recommended for beginning players, because at first we have not correctly mastered the technique of a good throw or how to stabilize the string correctly, Responsive YoYos help us to improve our game more easily. Answered Yo-Yos are also recommended for younger children up to approximately 8 years of age.

On the contrary and as you will be imagining, 'Unresponsive Yo-Yos' do not come up to the hand with a tug, but you have to do a Bind to make the YoYo come back. Unresponsive Yo-Yos are the evolution of professional Yo-Yos. This type of Yo-Yo is how players can do the best tricks with long spin times.

The reality is that it does not depend only on the Yo-Yo, I mean that what gives 'response' or not to a Yo-Yo is the bearing that you have in the Yo-Yo. So that you understand me better, the bearing is like the engine in a gasoline car. By changing the bearing of a Yo-Yo you may or may not get the response you are looking for at that moment. In most cases, narrow bearings will always provide response to your Yo-Yo, so it will come back with a tug, while wider bearings will eliminate any response in your Yo-Yo and you will have to perform the famous Bind to make it come back. Some Yo-Yos like the YoYoFactory ONE or the YoYoRecreation Diffusion come with 2 bearings, one wide and one narrow, so that you can change out and experience the two types of responses in your own Yo-Yo. What do you think?

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Responsive YoYos

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