Yo-Yo Strings.

Okay, at this point it is possible that you already have your Yo-Yo in your hands, but to correctly use it it's necessary to take into account a fundamental detail, The string!

If you want to have fun while practicing with your Yo-Yo, the string you use is especially important in one case or another. Everything you need to know about Yo-Yo's strings I'll leave it down here:

1. The length of the string:

Yes, this is something we must keep in mind every time we replace the string of our Yo-Yo.

When we take out our new Yo-Yo from its package and put the string on to start playing we must keep in mind that the string always comes with a standard measurement, usually 100 - 110 cm.

As I said, we have to adjust the string to our perfect height to enjoy playing with it and make sure we don’t leave it long enough to hit the ground every time we throw the Yo-Yo. We should always be comfortable.

The perfect height is calculated by letting the YoYo fully resting on the floor and stretching the string up. We must cut the string at the level of our belly button. With this measure it will be very difficult to hit the ground.

2. How to make the string loop?

Well, once you have cut the string, you will have to make a loop so you can tie it up and start playing.

You should leave a small loop about 2 cm in diameter just as you had the string before cutting it. This knot you should do just like you do when you tie a balloon; it's the same type of loop.

Then you should make a 'slipknot' so that the loop always fits your finger and the string does not come off or tighten too much while playing.

3. It's time to wind the string around the YoYo.

I see that you are almost ready to start playing! I like that!

As you have seen, the string also requires a technique when you want to wind it up around the Yo-Yo.

In Yo-Yos, rolling the string around the Yo-Yo does not make it roll up just by wiggling it around the Yo-Yo, it also has a little trick.

First pick up Yo-Yo with your left hand (if you are right-handed and vice versa) and with the help of your index finger of that same hand, pass the string over it, then you can begin to 'loop' around the Yo-Yo with the string while you hold the string caught with your finger. After several turns, release your index finger and the string will be held and you can finish rolling it up. Easy, right?

4. Now throw the YoYo.

Throwing the Yo-Yo also requires a bit of technique, "Wow! This seems more difficult than playing golf...", you say. Well, you’ll see how easy everything is.

Take the string by the side of the loop and pull it in the middle finger, now grab the Yo-Yo, shrug the arm and throw it forward forcefully. Remember, the Yo-Yo needs a good forward throw so that it picks up speed and it does not stop, it is not worth just letting it drop from the hand, understood?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the strings, it's time for you to start practicing like crazy and become the next Yo-Yo pro.

But not everything ends here, there are still a couple of things you need to know for later.

5. When should I change the string?

This is the million dollar question. Changing the string in a Yo-Yo is like changing the four wheels of the car. Simply when you see that it is already very worn and rolls very easily on itself, it means that its time has arrived and it must be replaced.

6. Type of strings.

As you will see in this link there are many types of YoYos strings, but we always recommend 100% Polyester. They are the softest to the touch, they do not burn and they do not wear out as fast as others.

As usual, if you have doubts when browsing the web or about certain products or terms, write us at info@latiendadelyoyo.com

YoYo Strings

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