Yomega Lightbeam

The popular Yomega Lightbeam grows wings AND gets faster! 

An amazing triple LED system that changes patterns and color combinations while the yo-yo spins. Just perfect for performers!

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    Batteries are already installed, so there's no fumbling around with screwdrivers and such just to get the yo-yo to light up. 

    Moreover, the new Wing shape lends to easy string trick maneuvers while the long spinning ball-bearing enables you to do amazing combinations on a single throw! 

    If that weren't enough, the Lightbeam Wing 2.0 comes packaged with a small trick book, a tube of Brain Lube, and extra string! 

    The Yomega Lightbeam yo-yo is the perfect yo-yo for beginners and those getting into performing. 

    Grab a few today! 

    Check out the light-up system on the original Lightbeam:





    Profil:Imperial / Classic.
    Ağırlık:61,50 gr
    Çapı:60,31 mm.
    En:35,96 mm.
    Gap:2,75 mm.
    Rulman:Plastik Transaxle.
    Gap Tipi:Sabit.
    Response Sistemi:Starburst.

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