YoYoFactory Starlite

The Starlite!

One of the most desirable plastic yo-yos ever!

So what makes the Starlite so desirable? Well it has a similar profile to the hugely successful ProtoStar, a Center Trac bearing and it glows in the dark!

Not for beginners, and requires a bind to return the yo-yo back to your hand.

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    With the same design as the YYF ProtoStar, only made from luminescent white plastic that glows in the dark.

    Besides havinga superb straight lined profile it also comes with, a size C Center Trac bearing and standard sized silicone K-pads offering the response. Also instead of metal weight rings such as on the Protostar, these have been replaced with luminescent plastic weight rings, which give the yo-yo a slightly lighter feel but still with great stability and excellent spin times.

    Do not miss you chance to own this cool yo-yo as the Starlite is a Limited Edition!

    Matériel:Glow in the dark plastic.
    30.Poids:65.90 gr.
    40.Diamètre:55.83 mm.
    50.Largeur:43.00 mm.
    60.Gap:4.06 mm.
    70.Roulement:Size C. .250x .500x .187 in. Center Trac Large.
    80.Type de Gap:Fixed.
    90.Système de Réponse:Standard K-Pads YYF.

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