YYF Counter Attack

With the plastic Grind Machine body and the precision of a YoYoFactory metal, it's designed for long spin times and completely unresponsive play.

Requires a bind to return to the hand.

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    The Counter Attack

    With the same profile and shape as the Grind Machine, built with the same plastic and the same great quality, and with two precise metal rings that give it the weight where it's needed: in the outer rim.

    This design, with the new Center Track Yoyofactory Large bearing (.250x .500x .187 in) and the Medium CBC response stock pads gives this yo-yo an almost unresponsive gameplay.

    Shape:Butterfly / Wing.
    30.Gewicht:69.00 gr.
    40.Durchmesser:55.5 mm.
    50.Breite:41.5 mm
    60.Gap:4.15 mm.
    70.Lager:Size C. Center Trac.
    80.Gap Typ:Fixed.
    90.Responsesystem:Medium CBC Pad.

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