Build your own One Drop 54! You can choose the colour for each half! 


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    The OneDrop 54 gets its name from the measurement of its diameter, 54 mm. Apart from this fairly ordinary fact this yo-yo is far from ordinary.


    It features the new One Drop Side Effects axle system which enables the player to interchange hubs customizing the total weight of the yo-yo. Either by placing aluminium spikes or brass domes on the hubs, which both change the weight and playability of the yo-yo.


    The 54 has a beautiful curved profile with pretty flat edges to provide stability and long spin times. As with most One Drop yo-yos it features the incredible One Drop 10 ball bearing, which guarantees great performance and lastly Flow Groove pads offer supreme response.


    Finally, the One Drop 54 features a gorgeous anodized Pyramatte (tm) finish in different matte colours and do remember that you can choose a different colour for each half of the yo-yo if you like.

    30.Ağırlık:63.00 gr. / 66.40 gr.
    40.Çapı:54.00 mm.
    50.En:40.90 mm.
    60.Gap:4.34 mm.
    70.Rulman:Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    80.Gap Tipi:Fixed.
    90.Response Sistemi:Flow Groove.

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