One Drop Vanguard


New One Drop Vanguard, unique and different in its category.


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    One Drop Vanguard

    One Drop has accustomed us to Yo-Yos with an unique character, very limited Editions, and sometimes pay for it, but what about the intermediate Yo-Yos?

    One more time, you will be amazed the new One Drop machine, the Vanguard, and you will love its price.

    One Drop manufactures its Yo-Yos in Eugene, Oregon (USA), made one by one, in few words: Top quality Yo-Yos.

    10 soft colors give the One Drop Vanguard an unique personality, so that any choice is good.

    If you're looking for metal Yo-Yo to play every day, there is no doubt that the One Drop Vanguard is made for you.

    Find more about One Drop.

    Материал :Aluminium
    Вес:67.5 grams
    Диаметр:55.9 mm
    Ширина:41.4 mm
    Гэп:4.44 mm
    Подшипника:Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Тип гэпа:Fixed
    Тормозная система:One Drop Flow Groove

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