YoYoFactory c13


  • Maximum Playability
  • Wide Gap
  • Easy to play
  • Great design and finish


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        Only a year ago did YoYoFactory design the


         This yo-yo was meticulously engineered with titanium rims offering extreme YoYoFactory performance for a hefty price tag of 

         $400,00  USD.



        This year there is a nice surprise with the introduction of the c13 in the YoYoFactory  FundaMETAL range. With  the same shape and design as the Catch-22, similar gap, size C YYF SPEC bearing and the same silicone K-Pads for response, the c13 is a must have. Inheriting the style and elegance of the Catch-22, the c13 is constructed using the highest grade aluminium howewer with an incredibly low price. Like all the YYF yo-yos in the FundaMETAL range they combine great YoYoFactory quality with a very affordable price.



        With the great design and the extreme butterfly shape, with weight concentrated at the sharp straight edges, the yo-yo spins very fast, has great stability and is very well balanced.


        It is possible to add HubStacks as the axle are long enough to add them. Howewer adding HubStacks is not advised as they are not needed and may cause the yo-yo to vibrate while spining.


        форма:Butterfly / Wing.
        Материал :Aluminium.
        Вес:63.40 gr.
        Диаметр:50.47 mm.
        Ширина:37.91 mm.
        Гэп:5.07 mm.
        Подшипника:Size C .250x .500x .187 in
        Тип гэпа:Fixed.
        Тормозная система:YYF Silicone Pads .555

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