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RiceStack. Spike Stacks

Replace your YoYoFactory HubStacks with these new fun Spike Stacks.

Designed and manufactured by Ricerocket Mods.

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The Spike Stacks are designed by Chris Rice to adapt and improve the current playability possible with HubStacks.
The new Spike Stacks are Handcrafted from Delrin which is a very durable and high quality plastic of the highest quality and desgined to fit on YYF yo-yos with HubStacks installed.

To apply the Spike Stacks you must first carefully remove the original HubStacks on each side, and with the bearing and rubber o-ring remaining in place you can place the new Spike Stacks on each face.

Once this is completed you will notice a slight change in weight and play of your yo-yo as well as playing more smooth, with less vibration and making less noise. 
The Spikes Stacks provide a different look and added playability to your YYF yo-yos so get some for your yo-yos today. 
-  Spike Stacks are available in 2 colours, black and white, and are available in two different spike size options, short and long.
- Each purchase contains a pair of Spikes Stacks in the same size and colour.


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