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Crucial Delicious v.1.b

The Delicious returns in a new version with amazing Splash colours and new features: a splash finish, less inertia, Crucial grooved bearing and O-ring response.

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Crucial presents their latest innovation, the Delicious, taking years of experience of designing many Delrin yo-yos as well as some great metal yo-yos this is the forefront of those designs. This very unique profile shows that with the rather unusual gap shape, weight is concentrated to allow for fast play, long spins and superb control. 


Not only does this yo-yo play like a high-end yo-yo, it looks like one too, with a new spectacular splash anodized finish in a range of colours. Superb play is guaranteed by a new size C Crucial Grooved bearing and blue silicone O-rings offering the response, which can be replaced with flowable silicone. An outstanding new design which showcases the precision manufacturing and great playability accustomed with all Crucial products.

    Profilo: Butterfly / Farfalla.
    Materiale: Alluminio.
    Peso: 64.90 gr.
    Diametro: 55.60 mm.
    Larghezza: 39.65 mm.
    Gap: 4.70 mm.
    Cuscinetto: Size C .250x .500x .187 in. Crucial Grooved
    Tipo di Gap: Fisso.
    Sistema di Ritorno: O-rings.


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