YoYoFactory Performance Oil

The long awaited YYF bearing lubricant is finally here.

Available in two forms:

- Loop / Response

- Long Spin

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    After much preparation and testing the YYF Performance oil is now available in two forms depending on the desired playability.


    The Loop/Response performance oil is a high viscosity lubricant that is designed to make yo-yos more responsive.This oil should be recommended to anyone who wants their yo-yo to play “tug responsive” or wants oil that will make their looping yo-yos perform the best. This oil has a black YYF logo on the bottle.


    The Long Spin performance oil is a low viscosity oil that is intended to maintain unresponsive bearings. If used regularly, YYF Long Spin oil can actually increase the life of a bearing and help the user receive the absolute best performance out of their ball bearing. This oil has a blue YYF logo on the bottle.


    Note: When applying lubricant to a ball bearing it is better if the bearing has been cleaned beforehand. Also, for the Long Spin form of performance oil, it is advised to add only a very small drop inside the ball bearing as this will be evenly distributed during play, increasing the life of the bearing as well as reducing the noise level.

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