General-Yo AIGR Size C


The AIGR Bearing, Aircraft Instrument Gyro Rated, is available in Size C, the same sized used in the General-Yo Entheos, the General-Yo Prophecy or General-Yo Majesty.

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    General-Yo AIGR Size C

    Available in Size C, measures 0.250x0.500x0.178 inches.
    A much improved Bearing than the Bearings that originally come with many Size or Type C Bearing Yo-Yos.

    Made from Stainless Steel for maximum performance and playability, this Bearing also has incredible durability.

    It can be cleaned with most solvents, for example paint thinner (mineral spirit) and then let to dry. To increase the life of the Bearing, apply a "small" drop of lubricant inside the Bearing after cleaning.

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