One Drop Parlay


This is the most anticipated Yo-Yo in 2017! One Drop and Static Co. have manufactured a hard-core Yo-Yo that looks like a goody two shoes. Can you muster up the courage to give it a shot?

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    One Drop Parlay

    Throughout this year we have enjoyed along list of new products; nonetheless, we are all hyped about this collaboration between One Drop YoYos and Static Co. These are two of the most well known Yo-Yo manufacturers out there thanks to their impeccable work. In case you still hadn’t figured this out, the new work of art you have before your eyes is called the Parlay.

    If there is one reason that this Yo-Yo is different to all of the other ones out there it its history and motives behind manufacturing it. We have to go all the way 10 years back to understand how Yo-Yos were designed back then: small, round, heavy weight distribution in the center, unstable, and with lots of vibe. Some remember these times with nostalgia but, why not design classic Yo-Yos with new technology? Is it possible? There is nothing that One Drop thinks is impossible.

    Up until now, there were two mysteries in the world. One is the secret formula for Coca-Cola and the other was the final image the Parlay was going to have. At least one has been revealed though… The Parlay is an incredibly high quality Yo-Yo gilded in a delicate skin.

    The exaggerated O-Shape shows its classic features, but the boys at One Drop have added weight to the edges to stabilize it in contrast to other older classic throws. Another important feature to take note of are the Side Effects, that other than getting rid of the vibe, can also be mixed and matched to change the colors of your Yo-Yo.

    Another theme that could not be thrown to the side is the final finish, the paint. There are solid colors plus four Splash colors with Pyramatte finishes. These are super smooth to enjoy an unbeatable tact. I simply love it.

    One Drop and Static Co have manufactured the Parlay to honor the Old School YoYo style in hopes of bringing back the roots of YoYoing to inspire the players of tomorrow.
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    Shape: O shape
    Material: Aluminium
    Weight: 62 grams
    Diameter: 53.6 mm
    Width: 40.3 mm
    Gap: 4.32 mm
    Bearing: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    System Response: 19mm Slim Flow Groove


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