Freshthings Coca-Cola

Freshthings YoYo

Who wouldn’t go for a swig of Coke right now? I mean maybe not everyone because of sugar and stuff, you know… But you can’t tell me you’re not pumped for the newest Coca-Cola Edition manufactured by Freshthings.

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    Freshthings Coca-Cola

    It hasn’t even been two months since we first heard about Freshthings and we already have their first Yo-Yo. It has a familiar style and a scrumptious name. I present to you the Coca-Cola Yo-Yo.

    Yep, you read it right. And no, it doesn’t come included in a 24 pack of Coke from the local shop. This Coca-Cola Edition is just as quircky as it is exclusive my friend, and plus it is available in a USA version (white) and a Japan version (black).

    Remember, the man behind the scenes of this project is Hiroyuki Suzuki. He is the creator of other gems such as the sOMEThING or IZM. So what could be better than starting a new brand basing it off his first professional plastic Yo-Yo the Première, a huge seller and plastic Super-YoYo made by sOMEThING?

    Apparently, the Première and this Coca-Cola YoYo are identical but there are some small details that distinguish the two. The Coca-Cola Yo-Yo comes standard with a Narrow Size C Bearing, so the YoYo comes back to your hand without having to perform a bind. However, his older cousin the Première came with a wide Size C bearing. This isn’t a problem though because as you know you can replace this bearing with any other Size C bearing you want to give you any possibility you may desire in your playing style.

    This Coca-Cola Yo-Yo is a high quality plastic Yo-Yo. Its shiny and solid finish gives it an unrivaled tact that makes it comfortable and gives the player confidence with every throw.

    In play, this Yo-Yo is extraordinary just like its predecessor the Première. Due to the weight distribution falling on the edges as opposed to the centre it feels stable yet fast. This Yo-Yo is great for all styles of play (given a wide bearing is used) making it very fun and easy to play with. But, if you want to keep the narrow bearing with response you will have to tame this beast. The possibilities for new styles and techniques are endless. 
    In short, I have always heard people nostalgically talk about the legendary Yo-Yo from Coca-Cola in the 70s. Are we not witnessing a revamped and renewed legendary Yo-Yo from Coca-Cola in the 21st century? What else could it be…
    Shape: X-Shape
    Material: Plastic.
    Weight: 64.5 grams
    Diameter: 57.05 mm
    Width: 40.85 mm
    Gap: 2.50 mm
    Bearing: Narrow Bearing Size C.
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size.


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