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New Fidget Spinner Pro made of Delrin Plastic | Buy one here now

Fidget Spinner Pro

At home, at work, at school, with your friends, etc. There is no time when it is not a good time to play with your new Fidget Spinner!

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    Fidget Spinner Pro

    You just can’t deny that Fidget Spinners are in and that you are just dying to get one. That is why here at LaTiendaDelYoYo we have worked hard to make a very interesting model at a very interesting price. I present to you our own Fidget Spinners Pro.

    We have been working hard at this for years, we are no “newbies”, and we are perfectionists. So, why would we offer you a regular product when we can offer you a product you will not be able to find anywhere else on the Internet? These are our very own Fidget Spinners. We added the “Pro” not only because it sounds cool, also because they are manufactured with professionalism and a lot of care. We started with the material, which is Delrin, a very light and resistant plastic. We picked this material on purpose so every time your Spinner falls, you don’t have to worry about it being broken or damaged. Delrin is basically indestructible. Our Fidget Spinner Pro incorporates 4 high quality Stainless Steel bearings, three exterior ones and one central one.

    As you can imagine, the Spinner has a lot of design work behind the scenes as that is where we have payed special attention. We have spent hours figuring out the ideal weight, and optimum spin speed. That is why we made the center more light and made the extremes heavier. This superior weight distribution gives it incredibly long spin times. Finally, we have lubed all four bearings within each spinner. This improves spin times, reduces noise, and gives your bearings a longer life span as there is less friction between the balls.

    Well then, what do you think? We worked hard, really hard!
    Find more Fidget Spinners here.

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