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One Drop Mantis | Buy the second 'Blind Yo-Yo' from One Drop here

One Drop Mantis


We have been waiting forever for this moment. If you were stoked when One Drop released the Marquis, what will you do now that you know there is another release in the ‘Blind Box’ fashion?
*We've prepared special samples (gifts) for all those who buy their Mantis today :-)

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60,95 €

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    One Drop Mantis

    I still remember when I read the first lines about the Marquis, do you remember? Well then, that was not just a passing-by moment. The ‘Blind Box’ model lives on with One Drop’s new release, the Mantis.

    Can you notice the similarities between the Marquis and Mantis. I mean other than the fact their names are similar, they both use the ‘Blind Box’ concept!

    I am going to clarify the ‘Blind Box’ concept and the Mantis just in case some newbie is still not riding this wave. The ‘Blind Box’ concept from One Drop is pretty self-explanatory. It takes the most desired Yo-Yo of 2017 and manufactures it 14 different editions + 1 manufactured in Titanium. The excitement and anticipation comes from the fact that you do not know which edition you will receive. One Drop has stamped every box including the one containing a Titanium Yo-Yo. To sum up, if you buy a Mantis and if the odds are in your favor, you could receive an edition that comes out to more than 300€…

    After this clarification, I don’t think you are even thinking about saying NO to the Mantis.

    One Drop Mantis

    There are a lot of reasons One Drop is becoming the number one pick for many players. Not only do they have superb build-quality, high performance, local manufacturing in Oregon (USA), and special care for each Yo-Yo, but they are also constantly innovating with every Yo-Yo the boys design.

    There have been months of speculation about the next ‘Blind Box’ from One Drop, maybe even from the time the Marquis was released. The idea was so well received by the public that One Drop has decided to give us another present with this Mantis. It is another Yo-Yo with very attractive specs but even more attractive in its super Titanium edition which could be yours. I mean why not, right?

    This new One Drop Mantis is manufactured with some very interesting specs. Firstly, it has a very organic H-Shape which is a borderline V profile if not for its fat rims. It also has a generous diameter of 55 m. These two work together to give it a great weight distribution towards the outside of the Yo-Yo making it very stable, comfortable, and flowy in play.

    I know, you are just as impatient as I am to get your hands on a Mantis. Last time, One Drop released 14 editions including the Ti' one, but this time there is one more (meaning 15 editions) with new Fade editions too. In other words, just so you understand what I am trying to say, this is a definite win-win situation.

    This Mantis might just be the best purchase you will make in these next months. If you are still on the fence, don’t think too hard because there are many other players who have been waiting for this moment to buy their Mantis. Opportunities like these only come along once. So just trust me and get one, you will thank me later.
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    **With the purchase of a One Drop Mantis you accept the conditions of buying this product. Remember, we do not know what color you are getting and returns or exchanges for a Mantis of another color in our store are not accepted.

    One Drop Mantis

    Shape: Organic H-Shape.
    Material: 7075 Aluminum (except for the Titanium version).
    Weight: 66.5 grams
    Diameter: 55.6 mm
    Width: 41.7 mm
    Gap: 4.7 mm
    Bearing: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: One Drop Flow Groove.


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