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Sengoku Masamaxx | Buy here

Sengoku Masamaxx


Hmm, wait a second, are you sure this is not a joke? Are you telling me this Yo-Yo weighs more than 90 grams? I have to try it now!

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130,00 €

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    Sengoku Masamaxx

    Yes, 91.06 grams to be exact. That is how much the new Sengoku Masamaxx weighs. I’m sure you are wondering, does a Yo-Yo that heavy play well. The answer, as crazy as incredible as it may seem, is an overwhelming YES.

    At this point I consider myself an unconditional fan of Sengoku. Since we first received Sengoku, I remember it was the Masamune, this manufacturer has not stopped surprising us. They have always shown us professionalism with every new Yo-Yo. You can tell they take care of every last detail to make their Yo-Yos the best quality possible. But now they take it even farther, with something we had never seen, I don’t know about you. 91.06 grams? I’m sorry for repeating it over and over again but I just can’t believe it… But yes, the Masamaxx feels very heavy on the string but as incredible as it may seem it feels very easy to play with and is very addictive. It is true that when you pick up a 60 gram Yo-Yo afterwards it will feel like it flies.

    Just so you understand me, most Yo-Yos fall between a minimum and maximum and when you pass these boundaries, you are in new territory nobody has ever been in. Sengoku has been there for months trying prototype after prototype to make the perfect Yo-Yo for you. When we are talking about Yo-Yos that weigh 90 grams both halves must be perfectly balanced. There is no margin for error as any small imperfection could be fatal. Knowing what they were against with a project like this one, Sengoku has achieved a very heavy Yo-Yo that is perfectly calibrated.

    Obviously the Sengoku Masamaxx is not a Yo-Yo for competing or fast play. It is the opposite. The Masamaxx weighs so much that it moves slowly on the string and when you have dominated its style, it is quite the adventure. This Yo-Yo is radical.

    In case you were wondering if it hurts when you throw it, the answer is no. Although the Masamaxx is heavy, it is not so heavy it will hurt you. But I wouldn’t like to see what would happen if you accidentally let it go and it hits you in the face. The Masamaxx requires focus and attention with every movement. It is a Yo-Yo for all five senses, are you up to the test?
    Find more Sengoku Yo-Yos here.
    Shape: V-Shape.
    Material: 7075 Aluminum + SS Rings.
    Weight: 92.00 grams
    Diameter: 62.00 mm
    Width: 44.00 mm
    Bearing: Terrapin Delta Size C.
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Silicone Pads.