Duncan Reflex

Duncan Yo-Yo

If you thought that the Yo-Yos just went up and down, you were wrong. Enter the age of “automatic” Yo-Yos.

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    Duncan Reflex

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are before the first Yo-Yo with automatic return. The Reflex is capable of climbing to the hand without need of a bind and without need of pull of it, but how? The Yo-Yo climbs when it detects that it is nearly out of spin!

    Surely you are able to see in the photos the complicated but effective system of axles and springs that is incorporated inside this Yo-Yo.

    As you can imagine, this Duncan Reflex is the ideal Yo-Yo for beginners who have never played with a Yo-Yo before.

    The Reflex is made of high quality plastic and has a very comfortable profile and with its large size, this Yo-Yo is one of the favorites of our customers who want to start with this hobby. Is it also yours? 

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    Shape: Butterfly.
    Material: Plastic.
    Weight: 57.80 gr.
    Diameter: 56.73 mm.
    Width: 33.04 mm.
    Gap: 4.86 mm.
    Bearing: n/a
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Auto Return Clutch.


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