YoYoFactory Big Deal


YoYoFactory has done it again! The smallest Yo-Yo in the world, the YoYoFactory Mighty Flea, but now with Hubstacks, and with another name: The Big Deal!

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    YoYoFactory Big Deal

    Creating such a tiny Yo-Yo was a challenge, but now add Hubstacks, it has been nearly impossible, but yes, YoYoFactory has. Playing with a YoYo the size of a 1 Euro coin is always a different experience, but also when you add a couple of Hubstacks it’s also very, very funny.
    In this Yo-Yo, the Hubstacks protrude on each side, helping to stabilize and adding an extraordinary spin time.

    Play YoYoFactory Big Deal is always a challenge. Its size affects the whole game and we do not recommend for beginners as it is necessary to Bind for the Yo-Yo to come back to your hand and its tiny size makes it difficult to play with, only an experienced player can tame this toddler Yo-Yo.

    Remember that due to the small size of the Big Deal, it needs special parts, such as thinner and shorter strings you can buy here:

    o   5 string parts for the Big Deal or YoYoFactory Mighty Flea.

    o   100 replacement strings for the YoYoFactory Mighty Big Deal or Flea.

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    Shape: Butterfly / Wing.
    Weight: 45.90 gr.
    Diameter: 25.28 mm.
    Width: 20.48 mm.
    Gap: 2.73 mm.
    Bearing: Mini-Bearing, YYF Flea Size
    Gap Type: Fixed.
    System Response: Flea Size K-Pads.


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