Duncan Freehand Counterweight Set - 3 Pack

Duncan Yo-Yo

Enjoy of your Yo-Yo and of the style 5A or Freehand with this collection of 3 counterweights of Duncan.

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    Duncan Freehand Counterweight Set - 3 Pack

    The mode of play 5A is an of them more fun but also an of them more complicated. Master the technical to the perfection requires patience and practice, but I know that you have all that and will end up being a real expert, or not? 

    Now you have the opportunity to practice Freehand with this collection of original 3 different counterweights of Duncan, attentive because each has different weight and are sure that you want to know it: 

    •       Blue Dice: 10.50 gr 

    •       Yellow Dice: 11.00 gr 

    •       Red Ball: 12.80 gr 

    Not you decide by one because come the 3 in the same pack, so you can try all of them and choose your favorite. 

    Each counterweight has a small hole in the interior by which must introduce the string by the part in which you it atlas to the finger, because reminds, in this mode of game not take the Yo-Yo tied to the finger, but to the counterweight.
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