Start earning today!

What do you know about our Loyalty Programme where you can shop Yo-Yos, earn, save and spend money? You earn Loyalty Points with everything you buy across our website. These Points can be used to pay for your next purchases.

Please Note: That you must create an account with us to take advantage of Loyalty Points. So what are you waiting for to get shopping and earn your Loyalty Points today! :O

What is a Loyalty Points worth?
You will earn 0,20€ for every 10€ spent. 

Please Note: That you must be logged into your account to view your Loyalty Points. *Loyalty Points can not be claimed unless you created an account, also Loyalty Points can not be applied for previous orders before the Loyalty Points scheme was launched.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my Loyalty Points?
If your order is cancelled, Loyalty Points can not be earned on that order. You will also refunded any Loyalty Points that you spent on the purchase.

Where can I find out how many Loyalty Points I have?
You can view your Loyalty Points balance on the *Loyalty Points Page within your 'Account Page'.

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