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YoYoFactory Ten Trick! | The professional Yo-Yo for beginners here

YoYoFactory Ten Trick!


Do you want to start playing with a classic, classic Yo-Yo? I have one prepared for you that is a triple threat: good, nice-looking, and cheap.

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    YoYoFactory Ten Trick!

    YoYoFactory is one of the few manufacturers that try to renew their catalogue with their new models. This includes the best characteristics to make better and better Yo-Yos. This Ten Trick! is a professional Yo-Yo for beginners who have never played YoYo. I will tell you why…

    As you see in the photos, the YoYoFactory Ten Trick! has a classic or imperial shape, almost like the first professional Yo-Yos that were ever manufactured. This design makes the YoYo conserve the DNA of the YoYos that started it all.

    But there is one characteristic that we love and is why we recommend it if you are a beginner and love the classics. It is nothing less than the plastic bearing that it comes with. You will not have to spin the string two or three times on the bearing like in other ‘Loop’ models. With only one spin it will give you the perfect response to enjoy it. Pretty cool, right?

    That is something else. Of course, this YoYoFactory Ten Trick! is a YoYo with response. This means it will come up to your hand when you tell it to. You will not have to worry about Binds or anything like that Just give it a flick in an upwards motion and it will come to your hand.

    Do you know why it is called the ‘Ten trick’? It’s easy. It tries to dominate the 10 basic tricks that every player should learn such as the ‘Around the world, ‘Walking the Dog’, ‘Sleeper’, and many, many more!
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